Give Back: $100 spent = 1 day of education and a family is fed

Give Back: Kolkatta, India

We at Rickshaw Journey are committing to being a 'Give Back' company. We give a portion of sales (SALES: Not profits, sales) to Cry of India, a charity focused on work in India. 

What does this mean for you? When you buy products at Rickshaw Journey: 

For every $100 you spend, a child goes to school for a day and an entire family is fed 

For every $20 you spend a child is in class for one hour and one person receives a meal. 

Here's Cry of India's story: 

...Shaping India's destiny one child at a time.


Into the hovels of the poor, into the dark streets where the homeless groan, God speaks  "I've had enough; I'm on my way
 to heal the ache in the heart of the wretched." Psalm12:5  MSG

The Challenge

Every second, an Indian child dies of a preventable disease, and 250 million children across India are malnourished and without access to education, sanitation or basic health services.  Each year 500,000 young boys become alcoholics and drug addicts and more than a half a million little girls are sold into the sex slave industry.  That is why reaching the children of India is crucial.  Over 40% of the Indian population is under the age of 15, making India the world’s youngest nation.  Yet the children of India are crippled under the hopeless weight of poverty. 

The Mission

In response to this unprecedented human need, the Assemblies of God working together with the Indian Church has launched Cry of India--a child sponsorship program to change the destiny of these children.  Cry of India focuses on providing education, nutrition, healthcare and spiritual formation to meet the urgent needs of extreme poverty and children at risk. Children who are sponsored begin to believe they are worth something and not “throw-away” kids!  With sponsorship there is hope that they will be able to break out of the cycle of poverty and reach their God-given potential.