My name is Bob McGurty and I am the owner of this new online store called rickshaw Journey.

Rickshaw Journey is all about the path we find ourselves on. I have traveled to over 60 countries, and there’s just something about the Rickshaw. It cannot go as far or as fast, but it can go to some pretty amazing places, and it can take in all the journey, the sights, sounds, and smells. Life is about taking it all in, enjoying.

We sell some great products of the highest quality. We have some unique and original products like our leather roll-up and best sellers like our genuine Ladies Italian leather purses. We have Yugen travel bags made of the best mesh material, made to last a long time. At least 80 percent of our products are in stock, stored in our U.S. warehouse ready to ship directly to you within one business day. Some of our products are shipped from overseas and take longer to get you – if any product comes from overseas, you will see a note letting you know that and how long it will take, we don’t want you to be disappointed.

We are open to all ideas and suggestions, we want to grow together. Rickshaw Journey’s purpose is to be a place to take a journey of:

Growing – learning together – this is done by sharing information and educating consumers on products and travel

Giving – Rickshaw Journey is a ‘giving’ company. We want to give back in all we do. We are focused on the area of Kolkatta (Calcutta) helping children with education and nutrition. We partner with an organization called Cry of India. We make regular visits to see the work in action and have a long term dream of a vocation school that makes some of the products we sell.

Getting – This is the shopping part we you get really cool products that add value to your life and your own Rickshaw Journey.

Gathering –We want Rickshaw Journey to be a place to engage, to be a community that shares, learns, grows and is connected to one another. We will have some live off-line events, online activities, and will provide a place to connect whether through social media, online engagement or other creative means!

Our Team

Bob McGurty


Rickshaw Journey was born out of Bob’s passion for travel (he has been to over 60 countries) and desire to provide products that make travel easier and more fun. He often says we want to provide products that you may not necessarily ‘need’ but you will love, enjoy, and just won’t want to be without. Bob also wants Rickshaw Journey to be a strong company that gives back, making a difference.

Taylor Brantley

International Representative

Taylor Brantley is the newest member of our team, and we are excited to have her on board. Though she is new to the leather business, she is experienced in travel and the things necessary to make travel awesome. She thrives in behind-the-scenes work, loves stepping into new places and cultures, dabbles in photography, and is always trying to learn more.