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Mens classic Italian leather briefcase12 1|2 by 10 by 3 inches

$ 219.99

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More about Italian Leather Briefcase for men:

This is the best of the best in leather briefcases. This leather bag is directly imported from Italy and has every look, feel, smell, and touch that you want from the highest end leather briefcase.


Why all the pictures? Because a picture is worth a thousand words and this Italian leather bag is worth every penny of what we charge.

This is a top rated business bags for men made with true Italian leather

The interior of this Italian leather briefcase has two separate compartments as well as zippered pockets. There is also space for mobile phone and credit cards.

Plenty of room in the interior of this Italian leather briefcase.

Leather briefcase for men comes with a removable shoulder strap.

Dimensions of this best leather briefcase made in Italy are 12 1|2 inches by 10 inches by 3 inches depth.

So overall this is the best leather briefcase for men in terms of quality, space and cost of this leather item.

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