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Leather roll up bag for Earbuds | Passport | Power Cords

$ 19.99 $ 29.99

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Leather roll up:

This genuine top grade quality leather roll up is in a class all its own - it makes a great travel product for your journey.

Why do I need a leather roll up?

This leather roll up leather travel pouch/bag should be a must product in your lightweight carry-on luggage accessories. 

The problem

  1. The one problem with the millions of men and women travelers is to hold their necessary stuff like iPhone, credit cards, passport, headphones etc. all in one place, so when they do hold them all together it simply gest messed up. A lot of the times, when you pull out your iPhone headphone from the pocket they are tangled, the wires get messy, and you spend a lot of time just to get them in order. 
  2. The second problem is to hold your phone, credit cards and passport at one place effectively and in the sleek way possible. The way in which the phone is protected along with essential cards and some other vital documents for travelling. Someplace safe to hold your sim jacket and that power cord, even the power bank if you need to. Travelers need the ultimate smart handbag/wallet that will fulfil their needs in the most sophisticated and smart way possible. 


The solution

The ultimate travel solution for you is leather roll up. It has all the capabilities and characteristics to store all of your necessary gadgets and accessories like a smartphone, headphones, passport, credit/debit card and much more. This leather roll up is the best cheap travel bag you can get for the quality of leather. The leather bag can roll up with your headphones, passport etc. inside which gives the leather bag for men and women a unique style and luxurious feel that you can't get in any other travel bag/wallet. The main characteristic of the leather roll up bag are,

It is sleek and stylish

Most of the bags for sale online are very slaggy and bulky which makes it looks like you are holding a brick in your hand. Leather roll up is totally the opposite and will give a luxurious and sleek feel and look when you hold it.  

Genuine leather

It is made of 100% genuine leather that means nothing is going to happen to this leather roll up till your whole life.

It’s affordable

The leather roll up comes with a crazily affordable price tag- go ahead, buy one! 

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