Benefits of a foot massage | Rickshaw Journey

Benefits of a foot massage

  Benefits of a foot massage Foot massage has long been used for many years worldwide. Numerous medical doctors worldwide. Many others still doub...

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Giving back! | Rickshaw Journey

Giving back!

This week, I am in Kolkatta (aka Calcutta) and have been dreaming forward with an organization called Cry of India.  Rickshaw Journey is reaching ...

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Rickshaw Journey Victories! | Rickshaw Journey

Rickshaw Journey Victories!

 Buy Travel Leather Bags Online Well, our site is growing and we are grateful. Some really awesome updates:    Over the last week:  1. Purchased o...

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Great  leather products in! | Rickshaw Journey

Great leather products in!

Great news! We at Rickshaw Journey have a whole bunch of new leather products, 2 new styles of leather purses and 7 new colors (Tan, Taupe, Bordea...

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