Walk 100 feet above the forest among California’s redwoods at this new attraction

YOU CAN NOW experience California’s redwood trees, the tallest trees in the world, in a whole new way. Sequoia Park Zoo will debut its latest attraction, the Redwood Sky Walk, a series of bridges and platforms set up high in the sky among redwood trees, on June 4, 2021.

Redwood Sky walk under view shot

Photo: Sequoia Park Zoo/Facebook

The Redwood Sky Walk is the longest skywalk in the Western United States as it stretches for one-quarter of a mile. The highest point in the sky walk reaches over 100 feet above the forest floor.

The Redwood Skywalk is ADA accessible except for its ‘adventure leg’ portion, which is 369 feet long and 36 inches wide with “open mesh decking.” This section of the Redwood Sky Walk isn’t for the faint-hearted as visitors will feel more exposed, aware of the height, and the bridge will sway along with your steps, the wind, and others.

Redwook Sky Walk view of both bridges

Photo: Sequoia Park Zoo/Facebook

While the bridges and platforms are attached to the majestic trees, the attraction does not damage them in any way. “The experience is intentionally integrated and complements the natural environment … The technique and mechanics of these attachments have been designed specifically to ensure negligible impact on the trees to which they are anchored and provide room for them to continue to grow unimpeded,” the official website explains.

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people standing on platform on the redwood sky walk

Photo: Sequoia Park Zoo/Facebook

The opening weekend of the Redwood Sky Walk will include activities such as live painting events, a yoga class on the sky walk, and an introduction to forest bathing. 

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