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Rickshaw Journey is committed to doing everything we can for your journey by offering best quality leather bags for travel, Italian leather handbags for traveling, real leather bags for travel, true leather handbags for traveling, leather purses for ladies and other leather products for travel use. Today's blog is about my favorite site that I use for the special longer vacation times. It is called Flip Key and their site is www.flipkey.com. 

My wife and I have used it three times in Thailand, once in Florida and have recommended it to a few friends. Thailand was in Phuket and Hua Hin. Basically, you get an entire house. In Hua Hin, we rented a 3 bedroom house with a small outdoor pool for two weeks each time that was serviced every couple days while we were there. The rate came out to less than $300 per week, it was very simple, high end would run you 600-800 per week. We were there off season for most times, though Christmas for one. 

Give them a shot. It is a conglomeration of sites and individuals that rent through FlipKey- lots of solid policies and guarantees that could be a challenge with an individual. 

Enjoy the journey, the Rickshaw Journey.


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