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United Airlines has unveiled a new “Pick Your Path” promotion that offers three paths to more miles, either status or award, depending upon your own preference. While this new promo stops far short of an outright status extension, it again makes status qualification easier, even if you have no upcoming travel plans.

Three Elite Fast Track Promotion Offers From United Airlines

Rather than a single promotion, United if offering three promotions and allowing elite members to chose which one they wish to participate in:

  • A “Welcome-back Bonus” promotion that gives members deposits of bonus Premier Qualifying Points (PQPs) for their first three trips

  • An “Easy PQP” offer which provides member with a PQP deposit without needing to travel

  • An offer which allows members to earn double miles through the MileagePlus X app

Let’s explore all three promotions in more detail.

United Airlines Welcome-Back Bonus PQP Offer

United is offering eligible Premier members the chance to earn up to an additional 25% of the outright PQPs required for their current status level if they choose the Welcome-back Bonus PQP offer. Elites who select this option will earn the following bonus PQPs for each eligible trip, regardless of fare, taken between April 29 and July 27, 2021, no matter when they booked their flight:

So a 1K can earn 2,25o PQM after her first flight, then 750 for the next two, totaling 3,750 PQP.

If you do not choose one of the other promos, you will be automatically enrolled in this promotion. If you intend to do any flying by the end of July, this is the most lucrative promotion.

United Airlines Easy PQP Offer

Very simple: if you are not planning to travel before July 27th, you can choose this option and receive a 10% deposit of the “outright PQP requirement” for your current status level. That means members will receive the following:

  • Premier Silver – 3,500 PQP – 350 under new promotion

  • Premier Gold – 7,000 PQP – 700 under new promotion

  • Premier Platinum – 10,000 PQP – 1,000 new under promotion

  • Premier 1K – 15,000 PQP – 1,500 under new promotion

United has lowered status thresholds this year to reflect pandemic. Furthermore, United already deposited the following PQPs (a 25% boost) earlier this year:

  • Premier Silver – 875 PQPs

  • Premier Gold – 1,750 PQPs

  • Premier Platinum – 2,500 PQPs

  • Premier 1K – 3,750 PQPs

So practically a 1K who has not flown yet this year and wants to re-qualify could start with 3,750 + 1,500 = 5,250 PQPs and only need to spend less than $10,000 outright or $8,250 and fly 36 segments.

That’s still a lot of money, but helps if your travels have not yet resumed.

Double Miles Through MileagePlus X App

If you’ve already re-qualified for status or do not need any additional boost, you can opt for bonus award (redeemable) miles.

Members can choose to earn double miles on all transaction through MileagePlus X, up to 10,000 miles.

MileagePlus X is a mobile app that allows members to earn award miles when shopping or dining at participating merchants.


Eligible Premier members can visit united.com/pickyourpath or sign into the MileagePlus X app to make their selection. An email will also be sent to eligible members later today.

Part of me remains hopeful that United (and other carriers) will extend status one more time. While domestic U.S. travels seems ready to flourish again, international border closures may it very difficult to spend, in the case of 1K status, $15,000 on United this year. But this latest promotion will make it easier to re-qualify status and is quite generous. Even for those who do not need the elite qualifying points there are potential bonus miles to be earned.

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