Turkish Airlines Adding Dallas & Denver Flights

While details remain limited as of now, Turkish Airlines has announced plans to launch regularly scheduled flights to both Denver and Dallas. Here’s the extent of the announcement as of now:

The Incorporation decided to start operating scheduled flights, based on market conditions, to Dallas and Denver in the United States of America.

I’m sure we’ll find out more details soon, including the service start dates, frequencies, schedules, aircraft types, etc.

Turkish Airlines has historically flown to more countries than any other airline in the world, and already has an extensive network in the United States.

With these two new routes, Turkish Airlines will serve a total of a dozen cities in the United States. The airline otherwise flies to Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Newark, San Francisco, and Washington.

Turkish Airlines will fly to Dallas & Denver

My take on Turkish Airlines’ expansion

In general it’s awesome to see airlines adding all new routes during the pandemic, rather than just adding back routes that were previously cut. Turkish Airlines already has an extensive route network in the United States, so I’d say both Dallas and Denver are logically among the next cities we’d expect to see Turkish Airlines add.

When it comes to Denver:

  • Denver is a United Airlines hub, and since Turkish Airlines is also in the Star Alliance, the airline should have quite a bit of connectivity there

  • Denver in general is getting some exciting new long haul flights; Air France is launching flights to Denver as of July, and now Turkish Airlines is also adding service

Air France is also launching flights to Denver

Dallas is perhaps the more surprising addition:

  • While Dallas is a bigger airport than Denver, Turkish Airlines likely won’t have any connectivity there, since the airport is an American Airlines hub

  • Dallas probably has more demand than Denver for travel east of Turkey (including India, Central Asia, etc.), though both Emirates and Qatar Airways fly to Dallas, and American also has a transatlantic joint venture with British Airwyas, so Turkish Airlines might have a hard time gaining market share there

Turkish Airlines will be competing with Qatar Airways in Dallas

I’m curious to learn more details about these routes, including when they’ll launch and what kind of frequencies we’re looking at.

Bottom line

Turkish Airlines has announced plans to launch flights to Dallas and Denver. That’s all we know as of now, but in the near future we should learn a lot more.

It’s always exciting to see Turkish Airlines expand further — Turkey is a lovely country with amazing hospitality, and that’s very much reflected in the Turkish Airlines passenger experience.

What do you make of Turkish Airlines’ new USA flights?

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