This summer I had planned to take my family to the Faroe Islands and Greenland. But with travel restrictions still in effect, it appears that trip will have to wait.

Denmark, Faroe Islands, And Greenland Still Difficult To Reach For American Tourists After Europe Re-Opens

While I’ve only seen pictures, I consider the Faroe Islands to be one of the most beautiful treasures of Earth. It’s also fairly off-the-beaten-track in that tourist infrastructure is limited and most Americans seem not to have heard of it.

Greenland is a bit more prominent, especially after President Trump tried to buy it, but still quite a difficult place to reach.

The plan was to spend a bit of time in Copenhagen, then the Faroe Islands, then Greenland, before spending the bulk of the summer in Germany.

But despite many European nations re-opening to vaccinated tourists, Denmark is taking a more cautious approach.

While Denmark will start waving quarantine requirements for vaccinated EU citizens, only EU-approved vaccinations administered inside the European Union will be accepted. My wife and children have German passports so we no longer have to “justify” a visit to Denmark, but because my wife and I were vaccinated in the USA, Denmark (at least now) will not accept it.

That means we have to test before the trip, test on arrival, then quarantine until we obtain a third negative test on the tenth day.

Sorry, I’m out.

I’m an indoor person, but you don’t go to the Faroe Islands and Greenland to stay indoors.

There’s a bit of wiggle room in that the Faroe Islands has waived quarantine for EU citizens (with or without vaccination), but still requires testing on arrival and fifth day testing, even for vaccinated travelers over the age of 12. Furthermore, if traveling via Denmark (Faroe Islands is semi-autonomous) will Denmark enforce its wider Kingdom quarantine requirements?

So this trip will sadly have to wait unless Denmark suddenly loosens requirements and award space on SAS magically appears (it was available but is now all gone).


Dear Europeans, you are spared another year of American tourists in Denmark! But we’re already gearing up for next summer!

This summer I am going to keep the budget tight and we’ll spend our time in Germany. I’ll miss visiting the Copenhagen, the Faroe Islands, and Greenland, but I look forward to more time to explore Germany.

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