Rickshaw Journey Victories!

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Well, our site is growing and we are grateful. Some really awesome updates: 


Over the last week: 

1. Purchased over 1,000 original UPC barcodes to streamline sales as well as updating our stock (SKU) numbers and systems. 

2. Confirmed a purchase order for 250 leather slim wallets (production started yesterday). 

3. Received some metal branding clips, to be used on future leather products.



We added 8 new colors of our traditional leather purse

Joined Etsy and PoshMark sales channels. 



1. First day with multiple sales of our traveling leather bags, tan leather purses, leather business bags, leather business handbags, genuine leather purses, genuine leather bags, genuine leather handbagsItalian leather bags, Italian leather purses, Italian leather briefcases, tan leather purses, tan leather handbags and other leather items

2. Largest join rate to our list. 

3. Finally! Got an Alexa ranking for our website.

(I know these are very small victories, but every step counts). 


This week: 

1. Two more leather purse styles to be added, multiple colors for each. 

2. Two samples of leather bags arriving for potential production; a sample leather bag from Jaipur India and one really cool quality leather roll up organizer from China to put earbuds, plugs, etc in. 


In the works: 

1. Three different India companies are working on some original Rickshaw Journey products for us (men leather bags, briefcases, travel bags, ladies handbags, ladies purse, bicycle saddlebags and others). 

2. We are moving all of our products over the next 10 days to a fulfillment center. This will mean faster arrival of leather products, cheaper shipping, more organization and a personal capacity to grow! 

3. Completing our corporate social give back through Cry of India, connecting your to buy leather bags online, leather handbags, Italian leather briefcases, real leather travel bags, true leather travel bags and leather products with students in class. 


In 2017: 

1. Our first live Rickshaw Journey event to be held in Springfield, MO; most likely in May, 2017. 

2. A Kick-starter campaign to focus on our traveling leather bags, Italian leather bags, leather briefcases, leather carry cases, crazy horse leather handbags, genuine leather, GPS leather cases, leather handbags made in Italy, HD leather cases,  ladies leather bags made in Italy,  men messenger leather bags, leather pouch, PU leather, purses, shoulder leather bags, ladies leather purses made in Italy, unisex, traveling bags branding efforts. 

3. A website more over online web store of leather products overhaul. 

Thanks to our Rickshaw Journey community. We are on the journey together... 

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