perfect bags for the traveling lady

Perfect bags for traveling women


I am a big fan of traveling. In my late teenage life, I enjoyed traveling and now I am getting older and enjoy traveling more than ever. We all carry bags when we travel. Over the years I came to realize that bags are a big deal, it is important to have a bag that will meet all your travel requirements and at the same good taste and fashionable. Every woman wants an attractive bag- check this bag out, it is genuine leather from Italy with an ostrich print at a crazy reasonable price:



Bag Considerations while traveling 

Make sure your bag works for you when traveling.

• The mobility of the luggage 
It is essential to ensure that the bag you are carrying isn’t too bag or too small, more a ‘Goldlocks’ just right! BE sure that the size of the bag isn’t too big. There should be enough weight to handle and also not a baggage that will stress you at the airport. Travel bags for women should handle all your belongings and at the same time be easy to carry.

• Security 
The safety of your luggage should not be assumed. I once had my traveling excitement short-lived due to having a bag that didn’t have my things secure. Consider having a bag that is not easy for someone to tamper with. 

• Material quality and color 
Quality of the bag should never be compromised. There is a variety of travel bags of women. Find the balance between quality and price.


In my travel experience, weather can be unpredictable. Weather conditions such as rain may be a challenge, but needs to be thought about beforehand. I have always considered bags with a hard case rather than the soft ones. In my travels I have considered leather bags for women that are water resistant.

Bag compactness  - I advocate bags for women to be small enough. This means all your stuff will be accommodated and be easy to carry. Be sure that it accommodates everything you need.

Over the years I realized that mini bags are the most appropriate in a business travel that carry all you need to carry like a passport, wallets and cards.

Should you carry a huge bag? Well, a tote bag will always do you good as it will allow you to toss everything you want and essentials including your iPad. I enjoy shopping like all women do and I realize bags for women should be good enough to allow for any extra shopping that’s why I advocate for foldable as they practically fit anything.


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