Parents accidentally leave their child in cab after trip from airport

Every parent’s worst nightmare is losing their child and one family recently experienced the horror of accidentally leaving their sleeping child in the cab they’d just taken home from the airport. The child was safely found in the parking lot where the taxi driver stores his cab overnight.

State police and local authorities are investigating a terrifying experience that recently occurred in Massachusetts when a family returning from a trip accidentally left their sleeping four-year-old in the cab. A mixup between the parents where each parent thought the other had the young child appears to be the reason.

After returning home from a flight, the young family hailed a cab at Boston’s Logan Airport (BOS) and made their way with their children to their home in Weston, Massachusetts. However, after unloading their bags the cab departed and it was only then the family realized – to their certain terror – that their child remained in the back seat of the minivan-style taxi cab.

Panic almost certainly set in, however, the parents contacted local Weston police who in turn contacted the Massachusetts State Police. According to one local news report, various authorities determined the cab was owned by PAUL taxi and set out to locate the cab – and hopefully the child.

Fortunately, the cab was indeed located where the driver had left it – parked for the night in a parking lot in Dorchester – a decent drive from their home in Weston. The child appears to have been unharmed and apparently remained asleep throughout the ordeal.


The same report noted that local police were investigating whether citing the driver who failed to check his taxi after his shift was an appropriate course of action.

The recovery effort involved multiple agencies and at least twenty different law enforcement officers. Fortunately, there was a positive outcome and the child was safely reunited with his parents.

A Massachusetts State Police spokesperson released this statement:

“The recovery of the little boy was a great team effort by multiple agencies, troopers, officers, and dispatchers and Massport personnel, and everyone involved felt a sense of overwhelming relief once the child was located and found to be safe”

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