Packing for a Trip; What to Bring

Packing for a Trip; What to Bring


The mishap of packing ranges from simple inconvenience to outright disastrous. Take for instances, you getting to the Bahamas and finding you didn’t come with your most favorite swimsuit or realizing that you don’t have your wallet or your medication after you have left the country.

Well, these can be prevented!

Whether you are a regular traveler or this is your very first trip, it is very useful to have a checklist of item you might want to pack.

Choosing your trip bag/luggage

Always choose a bag that is lightweight, versatile and big enough to hold all your essentials. In this case, the Yugen Packing Cubes is no doubt the best and recommended journey bag. Manufactured by Rickshaw Journey, the Yugen Packing Cubes is a 3-pc luggage Rip-Stop honeycomb Nylon. It helps maximize packing space and also organize clothing and every essentials neatly and without damage on arrival.

This Yugen Packing Cubes has an open-mesh design and a 2-way easy pull zippers to allow for easy inspection by security personnel. The 3-pc includes a large size (18x13x3), a medium size (14x11x3) and a small size (11.5x 7x2). To avoid the hassle of unpacking on getting to your destination, the Yugen packing Cubes are equipped with organizers that can be removed easily and slipped into the closet shelves or drawers and when it is time to go back home, the packing cubes organizers would effortlessly go right back into your luggage.


Packing important travel documents, cash and credit cards

Collect all your important documents including your Passport/visa, Cash or credit cards, Health insurance documents, Personal identity card, Travel insurance info, Loyalty program card, Frequent flyer cards, Hotel/tour contact info, Transportation tickets, Important addresses and emergency contacts, Maps and guide books, Reservations and itineraries(printed copy).

Checking that your passport and identity cards are not expired and won’t expire while you’re travelling is very important.


Organizing your stuff

When travelling with the aim of engaging in lots of activities, you would need to pack a fair quantity of gear. Keeping everything organized is no longer a challenge with the help of Yugen Packing Cubes. With this packing organizer, you not only know exactly where every of your stuff is, but also all your clothing can be arranged and compressed so that more can fit into the bag.

The clothing packing list includes;

Lightweight clothing that can be layered, Sweaters or fleece jacket, T-shirts and tank tops, Long-sleeved shirts, Belt, Pants and/or shorts, Socks, Rain jacket, windbreaker or umbrella, Pajamas/sleepwear, Comfortable walking shoes, Underwear, Dresses and/or skirts, Jewelry, Sunglasses and glasses case, Scarf or bandana, Hat or sun visor, Swimsuit or swim trunks, Cell phone and charger, Travel speakers, Travel pillow, eye mask and ear plugs, Electric converters and adapters and Travel apps that will help with language, directions, and money conversion.


Packing your Toiletries

Keeping your toiletry bag light and TSA complaint is very important. The toiletry list includes; Toothpaste, Toothbrush, Floss, Mouthwash, Deodorant, Perfume, Hair brush/comb, Make up kit, Shampoo & conditioner, Personal hygiene items, Shaving kit, Face wash, Sunscreen & face lotion, Night time Moisturizer, Extra contacts, Lip balm with SPF & lip gloss/lipstick and Prescription medication with the label for easy refill if needed and to avoid any issue with TSA.


Health kit

First aid kit, Allergy medicines, Personal prescriptions, Thermometer, Pain & fever relievers, Throat lozenges, Multivitamins, Cold medicines, Insect repellent, Sting reliever, Mosquito net, Sunburn relief, Eye drops, Medicines and vaccinations particular to the region.


Packing your gadgets

These includes Mobile device/iPad/E-reader/Laptop and charger(s), Headphones, Camera, Memory card, Electrical converters & adapters.

To have a great time, it is very essential think through the list of activities you would be likely be engaged in so that you can pack everything you would need using this ultimate guide.

Safe travels!





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