Our newest product to keep you safe during COVID

Rickshaw Journey has always been about travel products. In this COVID season we decided the best product to add was one that can help keep you safe and healthy.

The UV sanitizing wand by Rickshaw Journey was designed specifically for travel and simplicity. Many of you have always traveled with hand sanitizer gel and wipes. But how do you clean a toothbrush, a bedspread or fabrics that can not be wiped (your clothes, leather travel bag, a couch, etc.)? Simply touch the on button and pass over the area for a few seconds.

Some things you need to know about this UV traveling wand:

  1. We made it for travel - For example while some of these wands can be charged via a usb charge connection, we made ours battery operated (4 AA batteries - not included) and not chargeable. Why? If you are traveling, you do not want the UV disinfecting wand to accidentally turn on, especially in a suitcase or worse yet while going through a TSA check point or in your overhead bag in the airplane.
  2. This wand was made in China by a manufacturer that has been making UV cleaning wands for more than ten years now. They are an original company and are certified and authorized by both the EPA and FDA to make certified and restricted products in their laboratories and warehouses. Beware that many wands (selling cheaper) are made by newly set up imitation sweat shops to respond to COVID - these warehouses are not EPA or FDA sanctioned and their products are questionable.
  3. The wand is certified to destroy up to 99.9% of bacteria, allergens, molds and viruses including COVID-19.
  4. All of our wands have our brand logo on them and come with a one year warranty. We stand by our products.


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