NYC Cams!

On December 16, 2020 while on the beach in Los Angeles with my wife and two kids, we FaceTimed a couple friends and family members back East. You know, they say that the grass is always greener on the other side and it’s so true. They were jealous of our 70F weather and we were envious of their snow-covered streets. They’re getting a huge snowstorm this week (over a foot of snow). Growing up in Connecticut, there was nothing better than a huge storm … as long as you didn’t have to travel and you had warm, dry clothes on as well as electricity. Especially the week before Christmas! But after a couple of days of the cold, the novelty wears off, so I’m happy to be in L.A. Besides we have cold, snowy mountains just 90 minutes away. New York City Live Webcams But If you want to see New York City covered in snow even when you can’t be there, then check out these live webcams. Or if it’s summertime, you can see why they call the Big Apple, “the city that never sleeps.”

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