Hear what our customers say about the new UV wand

Our UV sterilizing wand has quickly become our best selling Rickshaw journey brand product.

This product was specifically sought out in our desire to find a product that can help us in the COVID-19 season we are in. By now we all have plenty of alcohol wipes and hand sanitizers, but what about when you check into a hotel or go to an unknown place and are not sure if it is clean? How will you clean the bed mattress, pillows or door knobs. The Rickshaw Journey UV sanitizing wand is your solution. It kills up to 99.9% of germs, allergens, viruses, and molds.

Listen to what our happy customers are saying:

From James:

Finally found a high quality UV wand. (Not like some of the other cheap stuff I’ve seen.) I’ve seen them used to “clean” planes and wanted one for trips and the office. This one is both FDA and EPA approved, a big plus!! It’s well made and easy to use. Most importantly it makes me feel more comfortable when I’m out an about. 

From Christine:

Arrived very quickly. Lightweight, portable and sanitizes at the touch of a button. The only improvement I could see would be the laser made some sound effects when it is killing off the germs and disinfecting (just kidding). Nice product. Definitely recommend

(Christine - I think we need to work on the sound effects, LOL!)

From LeNae:

Good product, arrived quickly.

Become one of our satisfied customers and get your wand today!

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