Welcome to my next trip report, which will recount my recent trip to Guatemala. You know what surprised me the most? The coffee was simply fabulous everywhere I went. If you’re a coffee aficionado, that alone is reason enough to visit Guatemala.

For The Love Of Coffee: My Trip To Guatemala

I suppose I should have known that the coffee would be good in Guatemala, but it was really good. And while many warned me what a horrible city Guatemala City was, I quite enjoyed it…the tree-lined streets and many cafés were right up my alley.

The point of the trip was to check a new country off my list and review the Copa 737MAX, but I ended up really enjoying my time in Guatemala and want to take my family back.

Like most of my trips, my stay was brief. I spent two nights at the Hyatt Centric in Guatemala City and did a day trip to Antigua, which was a beautiful city (that also had a great coffee).

I flew nonstop on United Airlines from Los Angeles to Guatemala City and then flew back in economy class from Guatemala City to Panama City onboard a 737-800 then in business class from Panama City to Los Angeles, a flight of over six hours, on a 737MAX using United PlusPoints to upgrade.

The ticket was about $440 r/t and I received a complimentary elite upgrade on the outbound.

Here’s what you can expect for this trip report:

  • United Airlines 737-800 Business Class To Guatemala City

  • Hyatt Centric Guatemala City

  • Great Coffee In Guatemala City

  • 24 Hours In Guatemala City: A Perfect Itinerary

  • Great Coffee In Antigua, Guatemala

  • 24 Hours In Antigua, Guatemala: A Perfect Itinerary

  • Copa 737-800 Economy Class Guatemala City To Panama City

  • Copa 737MAX Business Class Panama City To Los Angeles


Guatemala felt very safe to me, the people were kind, and it was very reasonable…that’s my kind of place to visit. I ended up bringing home a lot of coffee beans. With great food and spectacular coffee, I cannot wait to return…

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