Google has a new tool called Travel Insights that is aimed at accelerating the economic recovery of the travel industry by helping businesses and governments gain a better understanding of real-time consumer travel demand.

Cool New Tool: Google Travel Insights

Google notes that some of its greatest search volume comes from phrases like:

  • where to travel

  • can I travel

  • covid travel restrictions

To help aid the pandemic recovery and better orient travel-related businesses to connect with prospective clients, Google has introduced “a set of tools providing powerful insights into real-time travel demand based on global Google search data.”

Two free tools are offered that are available to anyone interested:

  • Destination Insights

    • provides travel businesses, governments, and tourism boards a clear picture of top sources of demand per destination

    • This can help users understand where potential travelers may be coming from and adjust marketing campaigns accordingly

  • Hotel Insights

    • helps hoteliers analyze search trends so they can understand where interest is coming from and attract new guests by creating a stronger digital presence

Billed as a way to”help the travel industry reach travelers, everywhere,” Google explains new travel analytics center has altruistic aims:

We want to support travel and tourism professionals with the tools and insights they need to connect with people searching for travel. As we make progress toward recovery, we’ll continue to seek to find new ways to support the global travel and tourism sector by sharing data and insights that can help the industry rebound.

A new Destination Insights section offers insights such as

  • Fastest growing destination globally

  • Country with the most inbound interest

  • Top city in demand

There’s also a new Demand Sizing Tool with filters to compare inbound and outbound interest between one primary country and up to ten comparison countries.

Google piloted this new service in Indonesia and Singapore last year and claims its analytics have helped governments make policy about border re-openings. The new service has now spread across Asia Pacific and Europe.

What is Google’s true motive for this new service? While Destinations and Hotel Insights offer complimentary data, Google has also introduced a new “Travel Analytics Center” to offer additional insight on a paid basis:

  • Travel Demand Insights

    •  Get current and future insights and trends on travel demand and destination popularity

  • Marketing Performance

    • For Google Ads air partner, campaign benchmark metrics for your origin and destination markets

    • For Google Hotel partners, performance insights through

  • Google Flights Performance

    • Google Flights Search or Enterprise partners can monitor your services on these platforms


Global travelers are anxious to hit the road once again, but the travel and tourism industry is still often in the dark about where to direct limited advertising budgets or how to tailor messaging to reach not only the most people, but the most people included to travel.

While Google naturally has a commercial motive in offering this suite of products, the free tools offer a fascinating look at current travel demand trends and will help businesses direct budgets more effectively.

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