Get CLEAR For Free, Even Without Amex Platinum

CLEAR is expedited airport security. You use biometrics instead of a drivers license to identify yourself, and you skip to the front of the security line. If you’re eligible for PreCheck, you skip to the front of the PreCheck line. And you can leave your ID in your pocket or carry on. They’re also used at some entertainment venues.

The regular price for CLEAR is $179 a year. Both Delta and United invested in CLEAR, and their frequent flyer program members get discounts. Even a general (non-elite) member of either program gets it for $119 instead of $179, and family can be added on for an extra fee (children under 18 accompany you for free).

I’ve been getting free extensions of my membership throughout the pandemic. It was finally time to pay, and I did so right after the American Express Platinum card added a $179 annual credit for CLEAR membership which covers the full regular price of a single member, or the “I’m a non-elite member of MileagePlus or SkyMiles” price plus family.

However you do not need this card right now to get CLEAR for free. Surprisingly, American Express is offering a statement credit up to $179 for CLEAR as an Amex Offer on other cards. Several readers have reported receiving this on Amex Gold cards. and reportedly it’s offered on some other American Express cards as well.

You must use this by October 30, 2021 online at, and the offer excludes gift card purchases. Your CLEAR subscription will be set to auto renew, though you can turn this off. It’s also valid only as a statement credit against a single purchase.

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