Frontier Airlines Will Status Match Almost All Airline OR Hotel Elite Members – Up To Top Tier

Do you have elite status with an airline – or even a hotel chain? You might even have this just from having a credit card. Frontier Airlines wants to match your status and depending on your current elite level will even give you top tier in their program.

Frontier offers super cheap airfare with a lot of add-on fees. But Frontier’s top level waives all fees and even makes tickets refundable. Basically their incredible 2020 offer is back but they’re willing to match against a lot more programs this time.

Base-level status comes with a free carry on bag and seat assignment, and extra legroom seats if available at check-in as some of its benefits. Mid-tier status adds bonus miles. And top tier status offers checked bags and makes all tickets refundable, for everyone on the member’s booking.

They’ll match against 15 different airlines and 15 different hotel programs. GHA Black status via status match is good for top tier elite status. Wyndham Diamond is good for top tier status. Have a Southwest Airlines Companion Pass, mostly from a credit card signup bonus, that’s good for Frontier’s 100K status.

Key things to know:

  • The offer runs through December 31, 2021

  • Matched status lasts through December 31, 2022

  • It costs $49 to apply for the match. This is a fee-based airline after all! They’re giving you status, you may never use it, and they’re outsourcing processing of the match request so there are costs.

  • If you did the 2020 status match offer you are not eligible to do it again “however, select customers may be contacted with targetted with an offer.”

You do have to enroll in the Early Returns program if you aren’t already a member. Requests are processed within 72 hours.

I really like Frontier’s credit card, if you like the status you match to at Frontier it’s easy to keep because you earn 1 qualifying mile per dollar spent on their card. So you can earn 100,000 mile top tier status and make all tickets refundable through credit card spend alone. (Of course redeeming my miles on Frontier isn’t as aspirational as I might prefer.

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