Benefits of a foot massage


Benefits of a foot massage

Foot massage has long been used for many years worldwide. Numerous medical doctors worldwide. Many others still doubt that there are benefits of foot massage. Who is right?

It's practically a natural process after a tedious day on your feet to remove your footwear and start massaging the soles of your feet. Rubbing your feet is a thing you will do without even noticing what you're doing. It's a natural method to relieve the aching and pressure of your feet.

There is a basic benefit of foot massage that no one can dispute. Often times, the most worked part of the body, can become very exhausted and stressed out. Massaging exhausted aching feet usually relaxes and ease the pains and aches.

However, foot massage have healing benefits to certain ailments and diseases.


Other than helping people relax, a massage of 10 minutes, 5 on each foot, is believed to relieve cancer patients from pain and nausea. In accordance with the Indian Journal of Palliative Care, these 10 minute massages were given to 87 people being affected by this disease. The outcome was astonishing. Every one of them, 100% of participants, had a decrease of pain instantly. They felt a lot more relaxed and their nausea lessened greatly.

A very good old rub on the foot may not heal cancer, but it certainly can make going through the treatment much more bearable.

Post Op Pain

After being cut open, regardless of what part of the body, going through pain is certain. Just because the surgery is over does not imply that the pain will disappear too. It is a good thing there are numerous ways to relieve the pain, such as foot massage therapy. The National Institute of Health carried out a research where foot massages were given to 18 patients after they had come from the operating room. The 10 minute rub did not reduce their blood pressure or help their heart rate in anyway. It did however give a significant reduction of pain.

Foot Ulcers

This is probably where this kind of massage therapy is the most effective since it is done right on the problem area. The massage will help boost the blood flowing around any type of ulcer which will be good for circulation. This will not just keep the blood flowing to the tissue but the oxygen also. So, even some of the worst kind of ulcers, like the diabetic kind, will benefit from a simple foot rub.

Cardiac Surgery

These foot massages relive post op pain but can also produce a greater sensation of wellness. After having cardiac surgery, getting a massage to the feet will help the affected person unwind and get over any anxiety he or she may be going through. According to a research carried out by the US National Library of Medicine, 25 patients proved that they were in an improved place psychologically because of this type of therapy.

Foot massage therapy surely is not a cure for any of the diseases or ailments stated earlier. It will, however, relieve the pain and suffering that those illnesses or problems may bring.

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