it’s one of my seven must-have travel apps

While the free version is incredibly helpful, there’s also a TripIt Pro version that offers a suite of options useful to both road warriors and occasional travelers alike. Some of the most helpful features of the pro service include:

  • Flight Status: Receive real-time flight alerts, such as delays and gate changes

  • Alternate Flights: Find additional flight options when you need them

  • Fare Tracker: Get notified if your airfare drops after you book

  • Inner Circle: Keep your family and friends updated on your travel plans

I’ve found that the text messages from TripIt about my flight status (delays or gate changes) arrive before updates from the airline.

Some of the other services you get are:

  • Go Now: Tells you when to leave for the airport

  • Security Wait Times

  • Baggage Claim Info: Sends you baggage claim location when you land

  • Four Months of Clear for free with a discounted membership

  • Seat Tracker: Lets you know if a better seat becomes available.

  • Check-in Reminder: Gives you a heads up 24 hours before your flight

  • International Travel Tools: Country-specific travel information.

The usual price for a TripIt Pro membership is $49, which is a reasonable price for the services they provide. Until Friday, December 17, you can upgrade your membership for $24 by using the code TS2021PR or enrolling thru this link.

In addition to its usual features, TripIt has added many features during 2021 which you can read about on their blog.

I gladly pay the $49 every year for TripIt Pro and I receive nothing if you sign up for this offer. I just think that if you’re planning any travels for 2022, the service is worth at least $24.

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