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Thanks for visiting Rickshaw Journey(online store of leather bags). 

This is our first week and we are on the steep learning curve. Over time, it is our desire that the Rickshaw Journey become not just a place to see our leather products or traveling leather products but a community. We want to hear from you, we want to get pictures of our genuine leather bags, Italian leather handbags, tan leather purses and true leather products such as Italian leather purses, Italian leather handbags, ladies designer leather pursesItalian leather briefcases for men, ladies leather purses, ladies leather handbags made in Italy, leather shoulder bags, genuine leather carry cases, hard drive leather cases, etc. at your home, on your vacation and to hear about the compliments you get! 

Right now we have 7 simple products: 

2 purses, 2 briefcases, 2 men leather pouches, and one gps|hard drive leather cases

Our current sales prices range from $9.99 to $179.99 with 6 of the 7 products under $80. 

We intend to purchase leather from 7 key countries, an acronym we call BI-PITCH

Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Italy, Thailand, China, and Hong Kong

At present 5 of our leather products are from China and 2 from Italy. We LOVE our Italian leather products, we REALLY love our Italian products. In addition to Italy and China, we are currently bidding with manufacturers from India, Thailand, and Pakistan. We will later focus on Bangladesh and Hong Kong

Some of our goals for 2015 and 2016: 

Find 15-20 core products.

Marketing, marketing and marketing 

Build the business through strong communication and personal relationships. 

Branding and completing logo design. 

Having a web site(leather bags online store), from where you can buy travel leather bags online,  buy tan leather purses online, buy Italian leather briefcases for men, buy leather business bags online and many more with a strong social connectivity.

Sharing our give back plan and integrating our giving into our social connectivity.

While leather based products will be our main focus, we will add other leather products as well as other products that enhance your Rickshaw Journey (think travel) experience! 

Enjoy the Rickshaw Journey of Live


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