5 Stressors every pregnant woman has at the airport (from TSA)

1. Can I fly? Should I fly?

Check with your doctor
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Good question! Always check with your doctor if you are making plans to travel or fly before booking your flight.

2. Will I have to pick up my heavy bags for screening?

my heavy bags for screening
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All bags have to be screened, but it never hurts to ask if you need help. Just ask an officer if you need assistance lifting your bag or consider checking your bag to your final destination.

3. Do I have to take my shoes off at the checkpoint!?!

Taking shoes off
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Ugh! Unless you have TSA Pre®, I’m afraid you’ll have to. Easy slip-on shoes and comfy socks can help alleviate the “momma’s gotta put her shoes back on” struggle.

4. Is my baby going to be ZAPPED by radiation if I walk through an airport screening machine?

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Not at all! All our machines receive a variety of tests to ensure they are safe. They DO NOT use X-rays to produce an image. Still not comfortable? You can always opt out and request a pat-down.

5. Can I bring my water and snacks through the checkpoint? Momma’s gotta eat!

snack foods
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If you can spread it, smear it, spray it, pump it, pour it….then it will have to follow the 3-1-1 liquids rule. But snack foods, such as fruit slices and granola, are A-Okay!

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