10 of the most beautiful alleys around the world

Alley in Chefchaouen, MoroccoPhoto courtesy of iStock / brunocoelhopt

Alleyways sometimes have reputations for being dark, dank and maybe even dangerous, but not all alleys are like that. Some are legitimately gorgeous. Here are ten narrow passageways around the world that you'd be happy to walk down.

Note: Many of these locations are residential streets. If you plan to visit them when it's safe to travel again, be respectful.

Alley in Alsace region of FrancePhoto courtesy of iStock / bluejayphoto

Charming paths of Eguisheim, France

This fairy tale village is Eguisheim, located in France, very near the German border. In fact, the town, with a history that stretches back to the 1200s, was once under German control, explaining the apparent German influence in the architecture.

Acorn StreetPhoto courtesy of iStock / Sean Pavone

Acorn Street - Boston, Massachusetts

This narrow cobblestone street is known as the most photographed street in the country – and it's easy to see why. It's gorgeous. Nestled in the famous Beacon Hill, this area once housed one of the largest Black communities in Boston, pre-Civil War. It's conveniently located near many stops on the Black Heritage Trail.

Alley in Dubrovnik Old TownPhoto courtesy of iStock / NanoStockk

Picturesque passages of Dubrovnik, Croatia

It's easy to get lost (in a good way) in the charming alleys of Dubrovnik's Old Town. Surprises await around each bend, with restaurants tucked in along many of the passages.

Blue alley in Chefchaouen, MoroccoPhoto courtesy of iStock / AnetteAndersen

Azure alleys of Chefchaouen, Morocco

Chefchaouen, Morocco is known for its beautiful, blue-washed buildings, making its tranquil alleys even more inviting. Why blue? No one knows for sure. Some theories are that the color is meant to symbolize heaven, sky or the sea, that it keeps mosquitos away, or that the buildings were painted to attract tourists.

Longitude LanePhoto courtesy of iStock / Boogich

Longitude Lane - Charleston, South Carolina

In historic Charleston, South Carolina, Longitude Lane is a hidden passage located between famous Church Street and East Bay Street. A conduit of cobblestone, this lane is purely residential and full of entryway eye candy.

Agia Kyriaki churchPhoto courtesy of iStock / emicristea

Vibrant alleys of Mykonos, Greece

The blue-and-white painted streets of Mykonos are unmistakable – and these vibrant passages can be found all over the island, often dotted with friendly, sleepy cats.

Quince StreetPhoto courtesy of iStock / Sean Pavone

Quince Street - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

This charming residential street in Philly is home to a row of historic houses – and it's somewhat of a surprise, given its proximity to noisier areas. As one strolls the tranquil, tree-lined and cobblestoned path, it becomes easier to take a deep breath.

Alley in Casperia, ItalyPhoto courtesy of iStock / Freeartist

Lovely lanes of Casperia, Italy

When you think of exploring Europe, you might be picturing quaint, cobblestoned scenes like this one in the small village of Casperia, Italy. When walking these streets, you'll be surrounded by medieval history.

Calle de O'Donnell in Old San JuanPhoto courtesy of iStock / dbvirago

Calle de O'Donnell - San Juan, Puerto Rico

Located in Old San Juan, this colorful cobblestone alley is enclosed by brightly hued buildings, making for a beautiful backdrop as you stroll down. It's probably one of the most Instagrammed spots in the area.

Alley in Mithymna, GreecePhoto courtesy of iStock / ironsailor

Enchanting alleyways of Lesbos, Greece

Villages across the island of Lesbos are home to enchanting streets, like the one pictured here in the town of Mithymna.

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