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Bob McGurty here, founder of Rickshaw Journey. I hope you are staying safe and healthy during this awful COVID-19 crisis. 

I wanted to update you on a strategic direction our store is taking. Since starting our online store nearly five years ago, we have struggled with the drop-shipping scene. We initial designed and purchased a number of our own products, quite a difficult feat with limited funds.

While drop-shipping has always been attractive, we have struggle on whether or not to engage. If you do not understand drop-shipping, basically we sell you a product we do not have in inventory. Most of these products come from China and take a long time to get to you, often 30+ days. The bigger challenge is the quality control side. If we have the product on hand, it means I have personally examined it and it has likely been sent to our warehouse in Traverse City, Michigan. Even during COVID, our warehouse is only 4 business days behind, an amazing feat. If it is drop-shipped, you buy from us and our automation sends the order and it is sent direct to you. Many times you get a good product, but it takes too long. Sometimes we hear stories like the product smells or quality is lacking. 

I have decided that we are going to drastically reduce our drop-shipping, gradually. We have about 180 products (over 2,000 counting the different variants, styles, sizes). Our goal is to have only a handful of products (25 or less) that are drop-shipped from overseas by the end of the year. 

What does this mean for you and for Rickshaw Journey? For you, it means you will have better quality products in less time. It also means there will be less variety, we hate that but we can only increase inventory as we grow. For Rickshaw Journey it means continually reviewing our products, buying what we can even if in limited quality and looking for more ways to grow and serve you. For both of us it means a better experience in the long run. 

It is the right decision, because we are committed to the customer experience, you deserve better products in less time. 

Meanwhile, check out a great Rickshaw Journey branded product, in stock today:

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