17 Credit Cards that Have Global Entry Reimbursement

17 Credit Cards That Have Global Entry Reimbursement And How Often It Resets3 months ago

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Written by Charlie

There are so many credit cards out now and many of them have the $100 Global Entry reimbursement as a benefit. Here are 17 cards that do along with their annual fees and how often the reimbursement benefit resets. See how many of these cards you have already!

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Last week, I wrote about how the addition of Global Entry reimbursement is not a great benefit. This is based on two things – one is that so many cards have it already and one is that the benefit breaks down to just $25 per year (or $20 per year if it is every 5 years).


17 Credit Cards That Have Global Entry Reimbursement

Global Entry

What Is Global Entry?

If you are not familiar with Global Entry, check out this post for the details on it. If you are getting close to renewal time, check out this post.

There are a lot of credit cards that offer Global Entry reimbursement (or TSA Precheck reimbursement – either one but Global Entry comes with TSA Precheck so I am focusing on Global Entry). You may even have a couple and have forgotten that it is a feature! So, here is a list of 17 credit cards that have Global Entry reimbursement and how often the reimbursement resets.

Which Credit Cards Come With Global Entry Reimbursement?

Best Cards for Global Entry Reimbursement?

The best cards on this list, based on benefits of the feature and cost, would be the American Express Platinum card (personal) versions. That is because even the authorized users can get the Global Entry reimbursement and it costs $175 for 3 authorized users per year. Authorized users also get the benefits of the Amex Platinum card (like lounge access and hotel elite status) so that makes it very compelling. Hint: The American Express Platinum with Ameriprisecomes with no annual fee for the first year or for your 3 additional users at the time you sign-up – that is 4 Global Entry reimbursements that will have no annual fee for the first year!

Another card to consider is the United Explorer card. This card only recently got the Global Entry reimbursement as a benefit and it is a good card for United Airline flyers as they get one free bag, increased award availability and the 2 free lounge passes per year.

Yet another card to consider is the Expedia + Voyager card. While the list above says that it is every year, they roll the Global Entry reimbursement into the $100 travel reimbursement each year. So, it is something that can be used on travel incidentals or Global Entry.

Finally, give some consideration the newly revamped IHG Premier card. Yes, it saw a $40 fee hike from the old version but it has new benefits with it as well, including the new Global Entry reimbursement.

It is also available on a couple of cards not available to the public – the PenFed Pathfinder ($0 annual fee) and the First National Bank of Omaha TravElite card. If you have either one of those cards, check them out as well!

Of course, the best credit card will be the one you currently have! I know that we have several cards with Global Entry reimbursement offers on them that we have not even used the first time yet! Check the above list to see if your particular card resets every 4 years or every 5 years. The reason it could be important is that you could renew anytime within the final year of your 5 year Global Entry permit. So, a 4 year cycle could be nice.

There are some other cards that come with Global Entry reimbursement – like the Amex Centurion card and the Black card – but I kept this list to some of the mainstream cards (with a couple of outliers thrown in for good measure!).

Can You Use The Global Entry Reimbursement for Others?

Yes, you can use your Global Entry reimbursement credit for anyone else! The credit is not tied to the name of the cardholder but rather the fact that the card receives a charge on it for Global Entry. It is an automatic process that will reimburse that charge after it posts.

I hope this list helps you to see which credit cards have Global Entry Reimbursement!

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